Frozen Oasis 2017 "Yearbook" - Please order by Sunday Sept 16

Frozen Oasis 2017 "Yearbook" - Please order by Sunday Sept 16

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Hello Frozen Oasis Camp Members!

Remember that swell 12.5x10" coffee table book of 2017 FO-BM photos? With the metal print on the cover? You can now buy it, or a much cheaper paper back version, at below production cost.
While Frozen Oasis is subsidizing, there's still some cost to you if you want one of the 2017 Yearbooks -- $20/book for a 10x8" soft cover copy.
Since the paperbacks are made in a single batch, you MUST ORDER BY THIS SUNDAY SEPT 16
We don't have a perfect way to broadcast this offer to camp mates, so please pass it along.
Tell all the MOFOs you know!! (members of Frozen Oasis) 
Love the fancy hardcover, with metal print on the cover?  You can buy that for yourself if you want! The subsidy is less, but many hours were spent taking the photos (not just Josh), editing, and then designing the book, all of which is a gift to camp mates.  


The fancy book will run $140 per copy, full size, exactly like the one in camp. The normal retail (excluding design, photos etc) for these books with this feature set is $250.


"But 2017 is so 'Last Year'" I can hear you saying. Yes, yes it is. And so 2018 YB is coming. But it might take a whole damn year to see it. So in the meantime, you can relive 380 days ago right now.


Choose free "Instore pickup" or $8 Shipping.

"Instore" includes pickup option at 5TC in Oakland or Memento Press near Montgomery Station.  Just indicate 5TC or Memento in the orders notes if you choose "instore". 

PLEASE NOTE: These books are only for MEMBERS OF FROZEN OASIS. Memento Press will cancel any orders we cannot verify as going to MOFOs. We will consider FOFOs but please ask.

Please call or contact White Ocean with any complaints or grousing.

Questions or abject praise can be aimed at Josh at MementoPress. Dot Com that is.